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Sage 50 Payroll Professional (Multi-user, unlimited employees)

Sage 50 Payroll Professional (Multi-user, unlimited employees)

Sage 50 Payroll Professional (Multi-user, unlimited employees)

Product code: sage-50-payroll-professional-multi-user-unlimited-employees
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Sage 50 Payroll Professional 2013 (Multi-user, unlimited employees)

Why choose Sage 50 Payroll?

  • Run key payroll tasks across multiple companies

    Sage 50 Payroll Professional makes running key payroll processes for several companies a simple task. It saves you time by allowing you to process tasks such as printing payslips, running reports and updating holidays in one go.

  • Automate your payroll calculations

    Sage 50 Payroll Professional helps ensure accuracy and efficiency when it comes to running your payroll. It automatically calculates payments and deductions including PAYE, pensions and statutory sick, maternity and adoption pay.

  • Electronically pay your employees and HMRC

    Our free E-Banking service allows you to connect Sage 50 Payroll with your online banking software. So you can easily pay HMRC and your employees the right amount at the right time.

  • Keep up to date with the latest payroll legislation

    You can be confident that your payroll is legislatively compliant and accurate with our HMRC accredited Payroll. What's more, you can count on Sage to keep you up-to-date with legislation changes, such as Real Time Information and the Workplace Pension Reform.

  • Submit and receive data with HMRC online

    Sage 50 Payroll takes the time and hassle out of keeping your HMRC PAYE data up-to-date. You can collect data, such as changes to employee tax codes, from the HMRC Secure Mailbox and directly apply them to your employee records.

  • Securely store your employee records

    Sage 50 Payroll allows you to store all your employee information in one place, and keep it secure by applying access rights for different users. Keep detailed employee records, including personal details, tax codes and pay history.

Easy to get up and running

  • Easy to get started

  • Download instantly when you buy online

  • 45 days free support

  • Simple installation

  • Easy set-up wizard to get you started

  • Import your existing data from a CSV file

  • Connect with Microsoft Office

Run payroll tasks for multiple companies

  • Ideal for businesses running payroll across multiple companies

  • Ideal for payroll bureaux

  • Perform tasks for more than one company at the same time, such as:

    • Produce employee payslips
    • Print reports
    • Update employee information
    • Manage employee holidays

Manage your payroll

  • Process weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly and monthly payroll

  • Choose from a range of payslip layouts

  • Print or email payslips to employees

  • Automatically calculate payments and deductions

  • Calculate and process employee loans

  • Record and calculate Salary Sacrifice deductions such as childcare vouchers and Cycle to Work scheme

  • Record and calculate holiday pay

  • Electronically pay employees using e-banking

  • Easily calculate your PAYE & NI liability

  • Post salary journals to Sage Accounts software

Manage your compliance

  • HMRC recognised software

  • Comply with the very latest legislation for the tax year 2012/2013

  • Directly submit PAYE data to HMRC online

  • Exchange employee data direct with HMRC online

  • Automatically calculate statutory sick, maternity, paternity and adoption pay

  • Record student loans and attachment of earnings orders

  • Record fixed amount or percentage calculated pension schemes

  • Stay up-to-date with National Minimum Wage

  • Keep records for Class 1A company cars

Manage holidays and absence

  • Manage holiday entitlement for individual employees

  • Record holidays and absence in days or hours

  • Record your own custom absence types

  • Automatically record statutory payment absence types such as SMP and SSP

  • Easily & accurately accrue employee holidays

  • Automatically calculate payments & deductions for different absence types

Keep detailed employee records of:

  • Appraisals

  • Absence

  • Holidays

  • Disciplinary records

  • Job and salary history

  • Written statements of employment

  • Attach documents to employee records

Keep your payroll accurate and secure

  • Easy backup and restore your data

  • Roll your data back to correct errors from previous payroll runs
  • Apply access rights to restrict users from accessing certain areas of the program

  • Securely email payslips to employees

  • Password protect PDF reports to keep them secure

Analyse your payroll data

  • Easily generate payslips, payment summaries, holiday and absence reports and more

  • Quickly print a range of reports in one batch

  • Save your favourite reports for quick & easy access

  • Run statutory reports such as P32, P35, P60 and P11

  • Analyse data by cost centre and department

  • Create your own reports with the report designer

Licence Information

  • Sage 50 Payroll Professional single user licence permits one installation of the program, on a single machine. If you want to keep a backup of the program and data, you would need to purchase an additional installation licence.
  • To use Sage 50 Payroll Professional over a network you will need an unlimited user licence (additional £110+VAT). When installed on a network there is no restriction to the number of machines or concurrent users that can access Sage 50 Payroll Professional.

Recommended hardware

  • An IBM®-compatible computer with a 2GHz (or equivalent) processor
  • At least 1GB RAM
  • At least 1GB of free disk space after Microsoft® Windows has been installed
  • Network users only: 1Gbps network with Microsoft Windows networking
  • Display Settings: 1024 x 768 resolution

Minimum hardware

  • An IBM-compatible computer with a 1GHz (or equivalent) processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 700MB of free disk space after Microsoft Windows has been installed
  • Network users only: 100Mbps network with Microsoft Windows networking
  • Display Settings: 1024 x 768 resolution

Compatible operating systems:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003

Technical notes:

  • Performance will be improved with higher specification computers and networks, and it only possible to install one copy on a single computer.
  • Works with Microsoft XP Service Pack 3and all later editions, and please ensure you have the latest Microsoft updates installed.
  • This product will not install or run on the Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows NT4 operating systems.
  • The latest service packs should be installed for your operating system before installing or upgrading Sage products. 32-bit Operating Systems recommended.
  • Whilst there are no browser requirements for Sage 50 Payroll, we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or above for internet access to Sage Support and important Sage updates for your products.
  • Some features in Sage 50 Payroll, such as Automatic Updates and Submission of Year End returns to HMRC, require an internet connection. If you require any further information please contact your Sage Support representative.

Apple Mac compatibility

Sage software is not compatible with Apple Macs, unless you are running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 via Apple’s Boot Camp utility.